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Rooster Hand carved from Rare Mangrove Tree 's Root

Rooster Hand carved from Rare Mangrove Tree 's Root

$ 434.99






These trees were hundreds of years old before finally succumb to extreme flood conditions.

The outer layers are peeled away to reveal the very beautiful grains, texture and unique shapes.


Vietnamese artists can spend days, weeks or even months trekking through thick jungles just to find the right piece, which makes this piece even more

A very handsome male chicken "ROOSTER"
stands with the open eyes, sing a lovely song
every morning,  
new day.

This is an excellent decorative piece for the home.   


 Brand new.

From the head to toe of the rooster are completed body. Except the small detail: the cone and the beard are glue to the head. The toe of rooster are glued with the wooden base.

The left leg of the rooster, the knee are glued, too. It is showed at the last the picture of the listing.


Lx W x H
= 12 x 19 x 25.5 (inches)

21 inches in length from the mouth to tail.

 Net weight: 
10 pound



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